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17-20 SEPTEMBER 2019

Cambridge, UK

RNA epigenetics in human disease

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RNA epigenetics in human disease 2019 – a STORM Therapeutics Conference

STORM Therapeutics a spin out from the Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge is translating the ground-breaking work of its two founders, Professors Tony Kouzarides and Eric Miska in RNA epigenetics into the discovery of first-in-class drugs in oncology and other diseases.

Established by Tony Kouzarides and Eric Miska the first international STORM Therapeutics Conference on RNA epigenetics in human disease will be held at St Catharine’s College in Cambridge, UK from 17- September 2019.

Our appreciation of the biology of RNA epigenetics is progressing at an incredible pace. With ~150 RNA modifications known RNA epigenetics opens new perspectives on RNA and its regulation, far surpassing the complexity of histone modification.

RNA epigenetics is an emerging area of drug discovery and is key to understanding human disease providing new diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities.

The RNA epigenetics in human disease conference 2019 is the first of a series of events organised by STORM Therapeutics in this exciting area of science.

The Speakers

The STORM RNA epigenetics in human disease conference features an incredible line up of speakers covering aspects of RNA epigenetics: biological function, chemistry, technology development and human disease and provides an opportunity to engage with pioneers in RNA epigenetics and present your own work.

Reuven Agami      Shankar Balasubramanian      Thomas Carell      Robert Copeland      Tom Cech      Michaela Frye      Richard Gregory      Francois Fuks      Chuan He      Stacy Horner      Samie Jaffrey      Narry Kim      Jeannie Lee      Michal Minczuk      Gidi Rechavi      Tom Suzuki

The Organisers

Eric Miska

Tony Kouzarides

Keith Blundy

Important Dates
January 2019 – Delegate registration opens
January 2019 – Abstract submission opens
April/May 2019 – Abstract submission closes
June 2019 – Early bird delegate registration closes
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